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This is something I have been wanting to do and had been planning for a few years. I am building a computer. This year I have the money and parts have become more affordable and better preforming. The computer I am going to build will run Mac OS and Windows. This page is basically a diary of me building this computer.


Today I started building the computer and mounted the cooler on the proccessor. I then tried to install the ram and the cooler was obstructing the ram. I then got the cooler off which ruined the thermal paste (the goo that goes between the cooler and the proccessor). I am getting more of the Paste tommorrow and will continue then.


Today I finished buiding the computer and it booted first try! I finished installing the ram and then installed the cooler, installed the motherboard in the case, put the power supply and hard drive in, wired everything, and hooked up the graphics card and it worked! I don't have an operating system installed yet though. Will do that tommorrow.


I woke up this morning and booted up the computer and realised only one of the two ram sticks was identified in the computer. I reseatted the other one and now the system isn't working. Let the trouble shooting begin.


I ended up working late into the night trying to fix it with the aid of a very nice man I was chatting with on amazon. We narrowed it down to a few possible problems. I then went onto reddit this morning which the man had suggested. They helped me fix the problem and now the system works again. I started researching how to install the operating system and will hopefully get it installed tommorrow.


This has been a project to say the least. A fun one though. Over the last several days I have been working on installing mac and windows. About 3 days ago I got mac installed and got it properlly working the day after. Due to a lot of troubleshooting with clover (the software that switches between windows and mac), the last few days have been very uneventful as it's just been forum responces and research trying to get windows to work. Now after getting windows installed properly today, the computer works perfectly in both operating systems! The only thing that doesn't work is bluetooth but I am working on that. I think the adapter I have is dead and doesn't work. But I've been using Mac for homework for a few days and windows for CAD today. Both have sound and internet and the graphics card works properly now making everything look a lot nicer than before. Clover (pictured above) is also working properly. This was a great project and hopefully won't be the last. I will update this page when bluetooth is working.


It's been about a month since I started the project and just wanted to give an update. I've been using the computer daily for school work, robotics, and some minor gaming. It has worked flawlessly and I haven't had any problems. I still haven't gotten bluetooth working on the Mac side but have on Windows. Other than that I have had very few problems with the computer crashing or failing. It has preformed incredibly well at everything I've thrown at it. In terms of gaming I have played Cuphead, Dirty Bomb, and Team Fortress 2. All of which have run at fairly high settings flawlessly. I got a new bluetooth adapter last week as the other one was giving me problems in both Mac and Windows. I haven't had much time to work on it recently but hopefully will get it fixed pretty soon during the upcoming breaks.


I just updated my computer to MacOS High Sierra. I also got the bluetooth working in the process. I have played a little bit of FortNite at 1080p ultra settings and have had a great experience.


As I started using this computer more and more for school and robotics, the speed of the hard drive was becoming a major issue. It took several minutes to boot the computer and open software which made it really hard to use especially with software like PTC Creo that I use for robotics that needs fast storage. Therefore, I upgraded to an SSD which is running perfectly and the computer is now about 5x faster on boot and opening software. It's definetly one of the best upgrades for a system with a HDD especially for the relatively inexpensive price.

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