Although my life is kept incredibly busy between school and robotics, I have a whole bunch of other things I love to do in my free time as well. With interests as wide as diving for Indie music to week-long hiking trips and rock climbing, it’s safe to say I live quite an unusual life.

Rock Climbing

For the last year or so, rock climbing has been my main "hobby" beyond robotics. I now climb 2-3 times a week and boulder a grade v4-v5. I find it way more fun than lifting in a gym and plan to do it for the rest of my life.


Because of all the homework I have, I listen to a truly excessive amount of music. Over the last couple years my music taste has ventured out to everything from early 2000s Indie Rock to Beatles deep cuts.


My family loves to travel and through that we've fallen in love with Hiking. We've been everywhere from the Grand Canyon to the Swiss Alps over the last few years and are excited to keep going on adventures like these.